Sunday, 27 June 2010

Archangels' Kiss by Nalini Singh

Target Audience: Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Archangel's Kiss: The Guild Hunter Series (Guild Hunter 2)***Book Contains Strong Adult Content***

I like to clarify things first and the reason this book lost a star was mainly because after the first in series i was expecting more adventure and action, but there was somewhat less of that in this book. I understand why, and there's other things to make up for it, but i still felt more could have happened, and the main action scene could have been a lot longer. However, this book is so damn awesome for so many other reasons:

1 - The relationship between Raphael and Elena is truly beautiful and i think one of the reasons the plot was a bit slower was that there was much more focus on them as a couple and her developing to the change in her becomming an Angel. Raphael starts treating Elena lot more like an equal as the book progresses and trusts her a lot more with his past, and i loved all that. And for those who are a fan of very hot love scenes, there's a lot so don't worry ;-)

2 - The mystery of who was going around threatening Elena and trying to become an archangel was quite riviting and it had me guessing right until the end, and even though it was short i really loved that final battle scene with Lujiane and i can't wait to find out more about what she's become.

3 - Learning more about angel culture and their ways was fascinating, it's unbelievable how so many of the young angels are innocent and nice yet the adults can be so cruel (I really hated Michaela in this novel, what a BITCH)

All in all, i feel this book has set up the next in the series brilliantly, and although there't a distinct lack of adventure and major plot, it was still a riviting and amazing book for it's own sake. A romance that i'll be unlikely to forget. I want my own Raphael :-)

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