About Me

My name is Leanne Bell, I'm 25 years old and I live in Canterbury, Kent.
Originally though, I'm from Sunderland, so tend to behave like a typical Northern lass, and I tend to make people laugh a lot with my so called 'funny' accent.
I work in Computing and Customer Service, things that at one point had nothing to do with books, but with the rise in e-readers the two are definitely starting to merge more.
I really went mad about reading when i was about 19/20 and since then I've read over 500 books and the list has kept on growing.  My blog though hasn't been going for quite so long and i'm still gathering more people to read and join the reading party. My main goal is to read and review books to give my readers an idea on what to expect from certain books, and also to encourage others to give books a try.

My favourite book genre's are YA, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance and Fiction and I love to review books from indie authors.  I have no favourite book simply because I've read so many great books i'd find it too difficult to choose one over another.

I'll stop babbling for now and let you read my reviews. If you have any questions contact me at magic_of_reading@hotmail.co.uk

Leanne xxx
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