Ratings System and My Reviewing Rules

My new ratings system is now completed:

Five Hearts - Awesome
Four Hearts - Really Good
Three Hearts - Good
Two Hearts - OK
One Heart - Didn't enjoy it very much

Happy reading, and remember this is my OPINION only, it doesn't mean that you won't love a book i disliked, so don't let anything i say put you off something you've been meaning to read for a long time!

In most cases i have tried to review without posting any spoilers. In the cases where i haven't been able to i have put a very big spoiler warning at the top of the post. If you still want to read it then go ahead, but if you don't want that particular book slightly spoiled then pay attention to the warning.

If you have any questions regarding the ratings system, spoiler warnings or anything else at all contact me at magic_of_reading@hotmail.co.uk.

Many thanks,
Leanne xxx

Reviewing Rules
Since i'm not the type to slander or insult an authors work and because i also know how difficult writing is, you will never catch me insulting someones hard work.
What you will read is what i liked and disliked and how I THINK it could be better.  Any negative comments i do put are my opinion only and will be balanced by the good points as well.
If there's one thing i have learned it's that even the books i''ve disliked, there is always something good to be taken from them.

For any authors reading this, feel free to feedback to me. If you think i've judged too harshly let me know, i'm always open to positive or negative opnions.

I will also do reviews on request in the following formats: Hardback, Paperback and Kindle e-book. As for the genre, well my preferences are YA, fantasy, horror, romance, paranormal romance and general fiction, but in honesty, i'll try just about any book that's shoved in front of me!

But please do bear in mind I am doing this in my free time around work, usually on my days off. This being the case It sometimes takes me a bit of time to completely read and review a book. Some books will be done quickly and others slowly, it depends on how busy I am at the time.

Hope you like reading my reviews.
Many Thanks Again
Leanne xxx

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