Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Blood Feud by Alyxandra Harvey

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Horror/Paranormal Romance

Blood Feud (The Drake Chronicles, #2)***Contains a Few Spoilers***

First of all if you haven't read My Love Lies Bleeding don't read the rest of this review, ok?...

Ok, so after the end of My Love Lies Bleeding with Helena now Queen, Solange now a vampire, we pick up about a week after Isabeau saved them all from Lady Natasha (the bitch of a vampire who tried to kill Solange!). In my opinion ending the last book with introducing Isabeau made perfect sense and going into her and Logan's POV was a stroke of genius and i loved the differing view points.

Before i go into what i loved about it however, i'll explain why it didn't grab my full five stars. The main reason was that there didn't seem to be as much of an adventurous plot in this, and the mysterious goings on, attempts to attack Solange and a failed assisination didn't seem to grab me as much, but this i think is because it was seen from Isabeaus and Logans POV and they were busy else where most of the time. I know this was necessary, but i like a good pacey adventure and more battles etc and there wasn't as much in this. I felt the main theme was Isabeau and Logan's relationship.
Right...the above point, while it did make it seem a bit slower wasn't all a bad thing at all, and i do think it added a lot of understanding to the races that got very little page time in the last novel.

Learning about Isabeau was fascinating, and the flashbacks to the French Revolution were brilliant, especially as this is something i know so little about. I found myself completelly absorbed by this flashbacks because i wanted to know more, and i could really imagine the horror of that time, it was written really well.
Logan, on the otherhand, there wasn't as much to learn as a lot of the family were covered in the last novel. However, it was interesting to realise why he's so different from his brothers and also how quickly he falls for Isabeau. Considering how many centuries apart they were born, i just love how the idea of fate can bring two people together (that's because i'm a soppy romantic!)

I was also happy that the characters from the first novel weren't forgotten, there were frequent mentions of Lucy, Nicholas, Kieran, Solange, Helena and Liam. If they'd been left out i would have been very annoyed as Lucy is one of my favourite characters of all time, she's just so weird, i'd get along brilliantly with her if she were real!

Anyways, all in all a wonderful installment and i can't wait until the next in the series. And hopefully Nicholas won't be locking Lucy in any more cupboards!

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