Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Target Audience: Young Adults/Adults
Genre: Fiction/Romance

Rules of Attraction (Perfect Chemistry, #2)
I'm sure my loss of one star will probably upset some fans, but let me explain that first. The reason behind it is that i just didn't feel the connection as much between Carlos and Kiara and i preferred the relationship between Brittany and Alex...BUT...this book is still awesome so now that bits out of the way i'll go on and rave about it!

Carlos makes for an interesting narrator and his acceptance of that he's a bad boy is rather amusing as he doesn't try to be anything different, at least not at first.
Kiara on the other hand is a good girl, helpful, considerate, kind, but with a rebelious streak that is dying to make itself known. Add her and Carlos together and you have an explosion waiting to happen.

At first the plot is subtle and Carlos and Kiara clearly hate one another.
Kiara is everything Carlos usually doesn't want in a woman and Carlos is the opposite to who Kiara wants, but then as time goes on you see how the two might help one another achieve things they can't do alone. The title itself poses an interesting question: What are the rules of attraction? Are there any? In this story it would appear not and that attraction has no rules, it is unpredictable and beautiful and not something to be categorised or measured.

Character wise i loved Kiara and Carlos (i think i just prefer brittany and Alex because there story i found had a bit more to it and had more complexities). I saw a lot of myself in Kiara, shy, bullied by some other students and lacking in confidence but with a rebellious side waiting to emerge and this made her easy to relate to. Carlos was just brilliant, and such a cynic and i loved the affect they had on one another, changing each other for the better.

For those who want more updates on Brittany and Alex, never fear, theres plenty of that too and the front cover of the book where they kiss across the gap of their cars? it actually happens :-)
Awesome book, can't wait for Luis Fuentes story!

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