Sunday, 19 September 2010

Changeling: Demon Games by Steve Feasey

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults/Anyone with an imagination
Genre: Horror/Fantasy

I love this series a lot and i couldn't wait to get my hands on the forth in the series. The start was a little slow but i really didn't mind because the pace picked up so much that i found myself barely able to put it down.

This installment picks up roughly where the last one ended with Alexa and her friend Philipa stuck in the netherworld, Lucien is on a mission of his own to discover why his fangs have grown back and what Caliban is up to. Of course unbeknown to him, while Lucien is seeking out the battle Angel; Moriel, Trey and Alexa are in more danger than anyone realises. Meanwhile, Caliban is up to something sinister that will ultimately cause massive trouble in both the Netherworld and the Human world.

One of the things i really enjoyed about this book was how much the story developed and the little things that were revealed along the way, both character wise and story wise. The story itself comes from several viewpoints which merge as it progresses. I found Trey and Alexa's viewpoints to be the most attention grabbing though as i watched their relationship develop and progress. Also, the idea of the games themselves were a genius idea and watching Trey deal with everything that was thrown at him really strengthened my respect for his character and i can't believe he went from that disbelieving young boy to a strong and heroic young adult.

Also, Alexa's adventures with the Ashnon were brilliant and for a creature who is a demon and can't feel love then i was rather surprised at it's loyalty towards her and Philipa. With regards to Lucien, his side of the story was truly revealing as i learned about his new developing abilities and changes that he had undergone since he was healed at the end of book two and i loved the friendship he slowly develops with Moriel (who is simply awesome by the way)

For those who have been wanting more romance in the series, there is definately a bit more in this book. And there's a few scenes between Trey and Alexa that made me feel all gooey inside. Truly, truly an awesome book for those who are fans of Horror, fantasy and a general good story. Brilliantly Imaginative.

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