Sunday, 19 September 2010

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adult
Genre: Historical Fantasy/Steampunk

I've been struggling to write this for days and i'm not sure why. I can only assume i've had review writers block, that and the fact that this is one of the most eagerly anticipated books of the year and if i write this wrong i will probably offend a lot of people (please bare in mind whilst reading the next part it still got 4 stars!)

Okay, first things first, i did really like this book but there are two main reasons why it lost a star and im sure i can't be the only one who thinks these things. Number One: Compared to the writing in the Mortal Instruments this book just wasn't as funny. Yes there were some very witty conversations and one liners but i missed the overall snappy dialogue that came with mortal instrument books. Obviously this was always going to be a problem since Victorian times were a lot more reserved than they are in modern times, but i just missed the constant joking and humour.

Number Two: There wasn't as much action in this book snd their seemed to be a lot of scene setting. This didn't impact my rating as much as the above though. It is a first in a series and so i expected a lot of introduction, but i felt the book was ending just as i was getting to know lots of things, but hey, means theres more to look forward to in the next book.

Right, now thats over, i shall now rave about why i really liked it.

Firstly i really really loved the characters. Tessa was simply awesome and her loyalty to her brother was amazing, even near the end when things have all fallen apart she still sees him as her brother. I also admired her ability to counter Will's rather annoying and often rude comments towards her, she really knows how to stick up for herself. Will was annoying for the most part, but it's obvious he's hiding something and he has a well hidden caring streak he doesnt like to show. Jem was awesomeand i admired his courage despite what he has been through. Jessamine i'm still not sure on. she confuses me and her motives seem purely selfish, guess i'll have to wait and see how her character develops.

Secondly, the actual plot was intriguing and surprising. I couldn't even hope to guess what came next at any point and i was left genuinely surprised on several occasions. Also, i loved the combination of clockwork and magic, and i found the parts with very fast clockwork creatures absolutely terrifying in a way similar to that of a zombie novel, because just like a zombie, they can't be killed very easy. Also, finding out about the links to the mortal instruments series was fascinating. I loved meeting characters such as Magnus Bane when they were younger.

Finally, the ending was a supurb cliffhanger and i can't wait to find out what happens next!

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