Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper

Target Audience: Anyone with a sense of humour
Genre: Humour
The Timewaster Letters

I've only recently discovered how funny the humour genre is, and since then i've been reading a lot of them. I love a good laugh, and this book provides exactly that. Containing some of the most time wasting and pointless letters ever to be commited to paper, this book will both make you laugh and leave you in a rather amusing state of disbelief.
The most amusing thing is that Cooper writes the letters with such seriousness that you can understand why the correspondents actually acknowledged his letters, and it's that that makes them so believably funny.
Whether he's writing to the Archbishop of Canterbury or trying to buy £10,000 worth of gift vouchers, his letters are sure to make you laugh!

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