Thursday, 24 June 2010

Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh

Target Audience: Adults
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Horror

Angels' Blood  (Guild Hunter, #1)
I put off reading this book for ages and now i'm not sure why because i truly loved it. I'll start with a summarising of the plot just incase your reading this with no idea what it's about.

Elena is a guild hunter liscensed to hunt vampires and return them to their angel masters. On returning one vampire to an angel she is given her next assignment which happens to be for the Archangel Raphael, a dangerous, terrifying and very gorgeous angel.

He needs Elena's abilities to help him track an archangel gone bad, but it becomes clear that things aren't that straight forward and to make things more complicated she finds herself falling for Raphael.

This may sound like your usual romance/fantasy story but you'd be wrong by a long shot. The characters are much more complicated and there are so many barriers between them i started to lose count, not to mention the fact that Raphael is an arrogant twit and Elena is as stubborn as they come, it makes for an interesting story

As raphael and Elena track the archangel the plot unfolds nicely, with information being revealed at just the right pace to entice the reader to read on but not slow enough to infuriate, and i found all my questions answered by the end (which is rare in most cases!) The fight scenes were extraordinary and i gasped on several occasions, i could almost see that final battle in front of my eyes it seemed to real, it would make an excellent movie!

The characters themselves simply came alive and shone for me. Elena was fiesty, stubborn and more than a match for Raphaels arrogance and the pair complimented each other perfectly. I also found their softening emotions for each other rather beautiful, and by the scene after the final battle i shed a few tears, it was one of those scenes that just got to me in a rather emotional way. Other stand out characters for me, were Sara, who i totally loved, her kick-ass loyal friend nature was brilliant and i wish i had a friend that loyal. I also loved illium (i hope i spelt that right!) or 'bluebell' as Elena names him. He was so cute and the bit with the 'fluffy duck' feathers had me laughing :-)

Simply put i can't praise this book enough, it's romantic, riviting, sexy, intelligent and adventurous. Nalini's risk at writing a completely different novel as paid off and i love the world she's created. I will definately be reading Archangels Kiss!

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