Monday, 19 July 2010

The Pace by Shelena Shorts

The Pace (The Pace Series, #1)Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Sci-fi

There were two main reasons i loved this book, the first was originality and the second was the romance. At first i honestly didn't see it standing out and it seemed set to be a good romance, but then Shelena did the thing i wish all authors did...she breathed new life into the paranormal romance genre and added a unique twist that i found utterly compelling.

I'll start with the originality concept because in all honesty, i did not see the plot going where it did. For a start the characters themselves were orginal. Yes, they fall in love, but for once they had realistic reactions to extraordinary events. For example, on finding out about Wes's immortality, Sophie practically faints. I applaude her for this, it's what any normal girl would have done, or else ran screaming. Thank you for a normal reaction for once, really it was a blessing! Also, Wes's reactions were good to, but not so obvious as to ruin the plot twists that were to come and i found this story way more believable than twilight (don't get me wrong, i loved twilight, but on finding out your bf is a vampire you would not just calmly carry on!)

I also loved the scientific twist to the story and how these things all came together rather seamlessly, and thats what i love about a good dose of science-fiction, there's always a little bit of truth and fact, however small it may be.

With regards to the romance, it was beautifully done. There wasn't some foolish teen falling head over heals based on a first meeting, but rather a build up before feelings are finally confessed, and i found their romance sweet and endearing, as opposed to over-bearing and constant. I also admired Sophie's courage in the face of all the things that happen and how understanding she is, i wish i had her patience with things, i really do. With regards to Wes, i thought he was awesome, and i couldn't help but feel for the situation he was in, how it must have felt for him to suffer as he had, and because there was a lot more explanation to the immortality area of the book, i was able to understand him a lot better

Fantastic, romantic and compelling are a few words to describe this, and i could go on forever singing it's praises, but i'll just ask you to read it because it is brilliant!

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