Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Fairytale/Romance

Sisters Red (Sisters Red, #1)***Contains a few Spoilers***

I have to admit that when i first started reading this, the prologue really got me stuck to it, and it really was a fantastic start (and very reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood) but then i have to confess, i found it a bit slow going. Don't get me wrong, by far this book is not a bad novel, in fact for the most part i really liked it, but i did feel that the first part of the book dragged a bit.
In my case, i thought i could sense what conclusion the author was coming to (and i turned out to be right) but she drew it out a lot more than was necessary, and i found it a bit frustrating that in some instances it seemed like the hunting wolves cycle was being repeated an awful lot. i have that bit said, i'll now go on to tell you exactly why i gave this book four stars when i was clearly annoyed by a few things:

1. The characters were original and inventive. I loved the relationship between Scarlett and Rosie. Clearly devoted to one another and yet torn by their differences, watching them struggle to make their own choices made for fascinating and heart-warming reading, as they discover just what they might have to do to stay sisters. (You'll understand once you read it). Silas was another character i loved, and his divided loyalties between being Scarletts hunting partner and Rosie's boyfriend was wonderfully described and explained, and i have to admit he sounded amazing ;-).

2. The plot itself was very unique. Once the story took off, i have to admit i was captivated by the plot and the idea behind it.
After Rosie and Scarlett realise what the wolves are after and what marks that thing as unique (trying not to spoil things here) the story really takes off and i couldn't put it down.
I personally believe that the slow start was due to the fact it was a first in a series and the characters have to be set up (a pain but necessary unless you want readers to get very confused), and because of that, i have to commend Jackson Pearce for her inventive and original story.

3. Unique blend of genres. I find it unusual that i've commented on this as usually it's not something i think about, but i have to admit i had trouble classifying this as a particular genre, because the truth is it has elements of romance, horror, fantasy, legend, family drama and it's all wrapped up as an original and modern fairytale.
There's literally something for everyone (including people who like cats!)

So i'll now summarise. Although the beginning was a bit slow, i have to admit this is genuinely good read with a captivating and inventive plot that will activate the imaginations of the most un-imaginative people in existence. The characters are Kick-ass and are't afraid to get into trouble to do the right thing. I will most definately be reading the sequel!

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