Friday, 9 July 2010

iBoy by Kevin Brooks

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller/Romance

iBoyThis is the first book i've read by Kevin Brooks, and it caught my attention because i'm a bit of a computer nerd and the idea really made me curious, curious enough to take a chance on a book by an author i'd never heard of before. I now think i'll be reading more of his books, because his writing quality is excellent!

As well as having enough tech jargon in it to satisfy the biggest computer genius in existence, it was also an emotional, riviting and ultimately beautiful story about love, life and morality.I was hooked from start to finish and i felt really tied to the characters and i found myself questioning; do we have the right to meddle in things? Does anyone? And can any of us ultimately predict the consequences of our actions?

I'm still left pondering these questions and more, and the ending is left pretty open, not in an unfinished way, more in a 'think for youself' kind of way. And i loved how the main characters were left at the end, i closed the book feeling relatively happy, yet feeling a bit of sadness for both Tom and Lucy.

Action packed, thoughtful, emotional and, i have to warn readers, contains some distressing events, this is a book you won't forget for a long time. A shining star among all the young adult novels around, and i can't praise it any higher if i tried.

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