Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Stone Prince by Gena Showalter

The Stone PrinceTarget Audience: Adults
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Of all the books i've read recently, this book sparkles the most. It's entertaining, sexy, beautifully written and enchantingly like a fairy tale.

I found i was really able to sympathise with Katie, she's not much older than me and also unlucky in love (so i found the ending to this hopeful for myself as well lol) so it was very easy to relate to her. Jorlan on the other had i hated at first, i think i described him as a sexist pig within the first 50 pages or so, which is a record for me. I really hate sexism so everytime he made a comment about weak women i wanted to punch him (which is impossible because he's fictional!)

Once i got past all that though, i have to admit i slowly fell for Jorlan, as he learnt more about the world and how different women can be, he slowly changed and stopped being such a prat (i was going to use a more coarse word but thought i'd be putting this on my blog and kids might read it!). He is the perfect guy by about half way though the book and the way he treats Katie is a fantasy from every girls dreams, i was reading it thinking, now why can't that happen to me?

The sci-fi part of it, was done perfectly, not too complex yet enough to distinguish this book from among your usual romances. The plot outside the romance was important yet not too science like and there was a lot more to love than just between Jorlan and Katie, and all sorts of relationships. There was even a bit of redemptive love for one of the characters, and by the end i couldn't even hate the bad guy. For a few minutes i thought it was going to be a sad ending, but it was an ending like i hadn't quite read before, rather unusual in any case.

Anyways i loved it soooooo much!

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