Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Code:Veronica (Resident Evil #6) by S.D. Perry

Target Audience: Adults
Genre: Horror

I've always been intrigued as to how this book would play out as i'm a big fan of the resident evil games and code:veronica is my favourite by far.

To me, it played out perfectly in book form. The suspense, horror, and even the romance was fantastically described.
It was also interesting seeing how they replaced some of the puzzles that would have dragged on in a book.

Character wise i couldn't have asked for better. Claire and Steve were portrayed very accurately and it was very easy imagining scenes from the game whilst reading it, and i didn't half cry near the end with that scene between them.

There were some accuracy problems, but nothing major that particularly stood out and although the end felt a bit rushed i can well imagine that if chris's part in the arctic had been played out fully, it would have dragged slightly, so i can overlook that.

All in all an brilliant example of survival horror with a suspenseful and romantic twist that fans of the resident evil games will love.


  1. OMG that cover is totally freaky. I couldn't read this even if I wanted to without covering that up!

  2. haha yeh i know. I've played the game though and i was fascinated to see how the book compared. I have it on Kindle so i didnt have to look at the cover :-)


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