Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Target Audience: Children/Teens/Young Adults/Anyone really who wants a bit of escapism
Genre: Fantasy

Love it, Love it, Love it! And i'll say it again...LOVE IT!

Rick Riordan is by far one of the most talented writers in the childrens/teens fantasy genre. Somehow, he manages to take some of the stuff that we were taught in totally boring fashion at school and turn it into the most adrenaline filled adventure i've read in a long time.

At the very beginning we meet our heroes; Jason, Leo and Piper in a school bus with their coach going on a school trip to the Grand Canyon (Cupcakes!!! hehe) On the bus Jason wakes up and can't remember a thing about how he got there and who he is. In due time they are attacked though and all three are revealed as demi-gods who end up at camp half-blood. As if to make matters worse, with Jason's strange appearance, Percy Jackson (Yes, the very same!) has vanished and Annabeth is trying to find him but with little luck.
Annabeth is trying to find him but with little luck.

Events come into play and when it appears Hera has disappeared and Olymnpus is shut off, it becomes clear that these events and Percy's disappearance are linked, and a very adventurous quest begins that will change everything.

Ok, i really did love this and the characters were truly amazing. Jason was very much like Percy was in the first series of books, in the sense that he tackles things that most people wouldn't try. I really liked Leo as well, he was so funny and provided quite a lot of the laughs throughout (i love his tool belt!) and Piper was amazing, it made a change to have a child of Aphrodite who hated make-up.

Some of the ideas that were introduced into the book had me very curious about mythology. Are all gods essentially the same? It poses an interesting question. And when your supposed to consider Zeus as lord of the sky, i have to admit, during the course of this book i found massive sympathy with some of the other gods who weren't looked at in detail last time, such as Apthrodite and Hera, who are ultimately just as obviously important as the Big three. Thalia made a welcome return as well, and it was great to see a different side to her, as opposed to her "lets swear off men routine"!

The plot moves at a hectic pace and at times, i wondered where it was going but it definately came together at the end. And as for that cliffhanger, well don't even get me started. I finished it and then exclaimed very loudly about how unfair it is that i have to wait for the next in the series. I simply can't wait!

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