Sunday, 3 October 2010

Forever Frost by Kailin Gow

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Faerie/Paranormal Romance

Following on from Bitter Frost, Forever Frost finds Breena in the Summer Palace at the Summer Queen's mercy facing a difficult task in persuading the queen to let her go.

Eventually, Bree finds herself taking Princess Shasta (Kian's Sister) back to the Winter Court, in exchange for her mother who is being held hostage in the Summer Court.

She also has her sights set on finding Kian and is still heartbroken from her friend Logan's death. But things don't go to plan and the Pixies have other ideas...

Of course myself as a reader knew that Logan was still alive and so i had the expectation the pixies were up to something and i found it eye opening to learn more about the pixies who clearly are not as evil as have been depicted (despite what they do, i get the feeling their not solely to blame)

Although i have to admit that Delano is still a pervert wanting to marry and have kids with a sixteen year old girl.

Anyway, back to the point, the pixie side of the story wasn't the most surprising to me, it was acutally a lot of little revelaitons along the way such as the reason Shasta was in the Summer Court and the origins of both the Faerie queens (who aren't what they appear to be) but i'll talk about this more a little later.

I learned a lot more character wise in this book. Breena is clearly a lot stronger than she appears and she takes on her role of summer princess with pride and her responsibilities seriously. But like all teens she still has teen issues such as choosing between guys who like her and it was interesting watching her make such decisions when also trying to consider a political standing.

Kian displayed a much softer side in this book and Logan displayed a level of devotion i only wish i could find in a guy.

But in honesty, the stars of the book were the queens to me, as more and more were revealed about their roles in events, even i couldnt fail to be amazed by how much they had affected the events that had occured.
I was surprised by how different they both were and even more surprised to find which was the kinder of the two. As events unfolded i couldn't help but feel deeply for both queens but for very different reasons. And it made a change to gain a better understanding of both monarchs as opposed to having them as often mentioned but never really used, characters.

Leading on from that, the ending left me truly gobsmacked. For one, i honestly didn't see it coming and for another it was heartbreaking. I most definately do not envy Breena's situation.

I only hope all is resolved nicely in Silver Frost, which i can't wait to read!

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