Thursday, 14 October 2010

Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Romance

Return to paradise is set nine months after Caleb left Maggie and Paradise behind him.

Weighed down with the truth of Maggies Accident and the fact that he still has to protect his sister Leah's secret (who actually hit Maggie with the car) and that he himself is innocent. Maggie on the other hand has had a rocky nine months in which she's tried hard to move on whilst dealing with the truth that her limp is very liekly to be permament.
Then, in what seems to very cruel twist of fate, Caleb gets arrested for something he didnt do and ends up reunited with Maggie on a scheme in which the participants have to discuss how drink drving affected their lives.

At first the two of them just can't believe that fate has flung them together in the way it has, but after a while old feelings begin to resurface at a rapid pace. What starts off as two people once in love trying to get along becomes a battle of wills, followed by unique relationship in which both Maggie and Caleb learn a lot more about each other and ultimately how to save one another.

For me, this book had a much better (and happier) ending than the first and the hopeless romantic in me was thrilled with the outcome. Having said that, Caleb and Maggies journey is not easy and there were a lot of people standing in their way. But if theres something i like about Elkeles novels its that love always prevails in the end, however difficult.

Ultimately this is a book about, hope, true love, friendship and a valuable lesson in road sense and honesty. If only all teens read this series before getting their license to drive!

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