Thursday, 14 October 2010

Seers of Light by Jennifer Delucy

Target Audience: Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Romance

I am officially very behind on my reviewing and so am taking one of my days off work to catch up with it. I actually finished this book some days ago now but i'm glad i waited to write the review as i've been so busy and tired id have probably never have done it justice.

To be brief, this book is utterly amazing and Jennifer Delucy is truly a genius (and i'm not just saying that because i have her listed as a friend on goodreads!)

In summary, Seers of Light is about a young woman named Lillian Hunt, who lived a rather content but uneventful life working in her grandfathers store. Then everything goes a bit pear shaped, beginning with a rather frightening apparition and leading to a rather terrifying vampire attack and then subsequent rescue by a man called Christian.
After being told she is a sentient (a person with abilities that range from combat, empath to seer) she then meets a certain Mr William Maddox (who i personally would want to marry if he was real lol).

What then takes place is a riviting adventure filled with self-discovery, romance and vampires and i loved every second of it.

The cast of characters is vast and extremelly colourful. Where i dare say with some authors its a lost easier to stick with a few, Jennifer has no such problems introducing a lot of characters in a short space of time. Something, i might add, that in the wrong hands could have been confusing, but not in this case. I felt a connection to each of the characters in this novel and as a result felt when they were hurt, in love, or going through something else.

The horror and fantasy aspect of it was truly amazing and told with such realism i could well believe that there are sentients out there and vampires (although that idea rather scares me). It's originality was extraordinary and it stood out a mile among the other paranormal/fantasy/romance novels out there, for which i was relieved.

The romance aspect was fantastic. Instead of some simpering girl who irrationally goes after the guy who could probably kill her, what i found instead is a very independent head-strong young woman who thinks before she acts. And one things for sure, Lily can sure kick ass!

Her relationship with William can be only described as truly romantic, a little different and yet a stunningly beautiful love story all the same.
As well as the central romance i really liked Anna and Katrina's relationship, those too are classic and add some really amusing bits to the story. Man and woman may be traditional but Anna and Katrina had a spark that i just can't quite put my finger on. Romance at it's most amusing!

If i were to sum this novel up in a paragragh i would say it is a gripping fantasy story with the originality to stand out among the others in it's genre as well as being a truly phenomenol romance capable of making ANY readers heart race.

I can't wait to read whisper of light because if it's as good as seers of light i will really really love it!


  1. OK, so now I'm hopping over to Goodreads to add this one to my wishlist. Definitely one I don't want to miss.

  2. it's amazing. I added jennifer as a friend ages ago on goodreads and couldnt get a copy of a book until i got my kindle. It was well worth the wait!


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