Sunday, 21 November 2010

Countdown To Christmas

Okay, so i'm posting this for a number of reasons. The first of which is to apologise for the lack of posts on my blog recently. I have been very busy and somewhat knackered from work which leads me up the next part of this update.

I will be doing my review for Out For Blood and have it published in the next hour or so (hopefully!)  But i'm having trouble finding time to read at the minute so i won't have as much to review over the month or so. So i also apologise for the volume of reviews.

Having said that, i do love Christmas and i have asked for Matched by Ally Condie as a Christmas Present :-)
I'm taking ideas for a feature (and it must be book related) to do for the countdown for Christmas (1st December to 24th December). I've got a few ideas myself but i'm open to any input. Whether it's Christmas themed reads of seeing how many books you can get read in those 24 days, i don't really mind. Let me know on what you plan on doing, and i'll do something to. I'll put down the ideas on my blog!

Get thinking people!

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