Friday, 5 November 2010

The Diamond Secret by Suzanne Weyn

Target Audience: Young Adults/Adults
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

As i'm sure i've mentioned a thousand times before, i have a major soft spot for fairy tale re-tellings and the story of Anastasia is no exception.

I remember watching the animated movie years ago when i was a kid and thinking how stupid Anastasia was for choosing the guy over being the princess.
This was before i was a teen and my sweet romantic side came out. My opnion is very different now, and if given the chance between royalty and the guy i was in love with, i'd personally make the same choice as Anastasia.

That's one of the things that make this story so appealing in my eyes. Every girl, at some level, dreams of meeting the man who they love so much and, loves them in return, that they'd give up everything just to be with them. And that to me is the very essence of this story and the aspect that makes it most popular.

The other reason this sort of fairytale is so popular (at least to me) is the fantasy of being rescued from a world that is sometimes cruel and diffcult and given a chance to shine and be something different, instead of being stuck in your normal and everyday life.

If, on the off chance, the romance doesn't sparkle for you, then the mystery and adventure surrounding the story will capture you until the very end. Even if you have heard the original story this one still offers a few surprises and even i didn't see the final surprise surrounding Anastasia's survival coming.

If your looking for a nice cosy night in to unwind after a hard day at work (or school) then this is definately the book for you. Curl up in bed with your cup of tea, a bar of galaxy and read a truly romantic, stunning and adventure filled novel.


  1. Followed your link from goodreads. It's looking great :)

  2. thanks for the feedback, im starting to experiment editing the HTML now as well, with mixed results :-)


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