Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Universally Challenged by Wendy Roby

Universally Challenged: Quiz Contestants Say the Funniest ThingsTarget Audience: Everyone
Genre: Humour/Non-Fiction

Admittedly, some of the funny parts from this went way over my head but for the most part it was just insanely hilarious.

I choked my way through the section on Wheel of Fortune, and i can't believe some of the things people can come up with.

One of my personal favourites was the line from Family fortunes where a contestant, when asked to name a type of bean said 'Les-Bean'. I remember actually watching that episode and was totally choked with laughter. The video is still on You Tube if I remember correctly, and is one of those unforgettable moments in television history.

Anyway, if you think you've seen some really dumb answers given in quiz shows then you haven't seen anything yet. Give this a read, it'll make you feel supremelly intelligent in comparison!

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