Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl

Fantastic Mr. FoxTarget Audience: Everyone
Genre: Fiction

I decided to kick off my older book reviews with this one, Fantastic Mr Fox. I loved this when I first read it, and I will happily read it again now.
If you want an idea of the plot, read on:

Mr Fox, Mrs fox and their cubs live in their fox hole, with Mr Fox leaving to steal food every night for his family. One ill-fated night Mr Fox gets his tail shot off and the Foxes and the other creatures living in the hill find themselves under siege by the evil farmers; Boggis, Bunce and Bean (One fat, one short one lean lol)
Stuck underground with no exit and no food, Mr fox and Co create a plan that even the farmers don't see coming and it makes for one amazing adventure.

Now, I don't no whether it was the creepy farmers, the daring food stealing plans or the sheer sense of fun that emanates from this book, but I love the story to bits.
It's a very quick read but a very entertaining one, and I still laugh at the image of those farmers stuck on the hillside, what a bunch of dipsticks.

Anyway, this gets:


  1. I love this book too - Dahl makes a rampaging carnivore a hero by making him responsible for his family's welfare. And the welfare of others.

    I couldn't believe the changes they made for the movie version - Mr Fox talking to his accountant (what???), buying real estate, catching chickens because he's addicted to it rather than he needs it, then lying to his wife about where the food comes from. As a huge fan of the book, it felt so very wrong.

    The book rules!

  2. roald dahl--he's a total LEGEND! seriously, his books are marvelous. i got interested in this book after seeing the book trailer, and ive still to see the movie and read the books, but hopefully will soon.

  3. I agree with you Ebony, I watched the movie and I wasn't a big fan. It annoyed me, especially as the book was so fun and a joy to read.

    And Aleeza, the book is brilliant, the movie, if you choose to watch it, watch it after you read the book because it's so different, and book is much better.

    I also love loads of his other books; Matilda is one of my favourites, mainly because I see a lot of myself in her :-)


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