Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bank Holiday weekend

Ok, so I'm over posting! Anyway, I'm falling behind in a lot of book related stuff at the minute, mainly due to my increase in hours at work near the bank holiday. (I'm not complaining though...more money, woooo!) I work in retail so I'm going to be busy. I will try my best to get my reviews published as soon as possible, but sometimes it isn't possible.

I have a day off today though and I should be able to catch up as well as doing all the chore type stuff I have to do today, and I should be able to read a bit more if fate allows me too.
For those who do have the bank holiday off in the UK, have a good one! For those who don't enjoy the overtime!

Last post until I publish my review of Jennifer Hamptons Beautiful Sins: Olivia Lowery, I promise ;-)


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