Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hi everyone, and Happy Easter!
I really hope everyone is enjoying their day off and making the most of the gorgeous weather in the UK. If your not in the UK, well I hope your weather is good to :-)

Blog wise, I've got two reviews to write having now finished both Settling and The Advice Girl, both of which were amazing. I'll try and publish my review of the latter book ASAP, whereas I'm holding on to the review for Settling for a little while longer (beginning of May)
I'm also nearing my first Blogoversary in 13 days time something I'm very excited about. This blog has come a long way compared to when I first started and I want to thank all you wonderful people for following me and giving me your honest input and feedback.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the holiday :-)

Leanne xxx


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