Friday, 6 May 2011


Well, this blog is a year old tomorrow and I couldn't think of anything to do to celebrate. One of the reasons is that I've had a busy week and a very busy day today and I haven't even been able to think.
On  the plus side, I've started beginners sign-language which is awesome :-)

Maybe next year I'll be able to think of something more exciting to do, but as someone who is still putting her blog 'out there' I still feel there's a lot more for me to do. So this year I'll have to settle with posting my review of Outside In by Maria V Snyder and wishing myself best of luck for my following blogging year (now that I seem to know what I'm doing).

Also, I'm also thinking about hosting my own give away, since I've never done one before, does anyone have any hints or tips for me please?

Many thanks
Leanne xxx

p.s Isn't that a cute bunny?  :-D

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