Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Busy busy busy busy

I've been absent from here for a little while, I've had so much to do I haven't even had time to read, let alone blog about reading. I plan to sit in a cafe and read some more of Between by Cyndi Tefft today and to publish my review of Damn You, Autocorrect! by Jillian madison.

Hopefully, my plans won't go to far astray! (Well, unless I see something nice I want to do, but I'm also planning on seeing if I can find Vampire Diaries Season 1 on dvd (one of my guilty pleasures, caused by my sisters addiction to it. But lets face it, Damon is hot!)

Oh, nearly forgot. On the downside because I've been so busy I'm going to have to ask that if any authors want me to review books then I'm very snowed under so I'm going to have to decline them at the moment. Any I do have outstanding I'll continue to read but then I have a ton of paperbacks and kindle books to get through. I hope to get through a few of mine while I'm on holiday next month visiting "Up North!" (Sunderland, for all those who are wondering).
Anyway, apologies if you wanted me to review any books for you, and I will let you know when my list is clear again. Not too long I hope.

Anyway, I'll let that be for now and I'll post later.
Have a nice day :-)

Leanne Bell


  1. Hi Leanne, nice to meet you. I found you through Bloggers World. My great-grandfather was a Bell and his people came from Scotland. Perhaps we are distant relatives, that would be cool.

    I am a writer and when your time is free you may enjoy my epic fantasy that has a romantic subplot. I'd love it if you visited my blog.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  2. haha that would be pretty cool! Maybe we should do some family tree searches :-) I'll let you know when my books are more cleared. I'm having a bit of a difficult time so I'm plodding through books more slowly, but I'll definitely let you know! It sounds intriguing!


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