Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sooooo Backlogged still!

Hi to everyone, and especially to those authors who have requested me to review there books. I am still backlogged but am now going to write a very organised list of who to contact and what to read first, so that you'll know when I've started reading your books.
At the minutes my review request backlog is about 5 definite's and about 3 yet to say yes too! But I will get there.

Of course though, there are some truly epic books coming out this month that I will also be reading in-between such as The Demon's Surrender by Sarah Rees Brennan and Immortal War by Justin Somper (both of which I have on order!).
As for my bought book backlog? Well that's about... erm... 20 books at last count! (see pic  for some of them, oh and the cute teddy sitting on top of them)

Anyway, If you really want me to review for you I will do it but it will be slightly delayed because I'd rather read a book and take it in, then rush it and not do it any justice (which I'm sure all aspiring authors will appreciate!)
My email address is the same and I thank you all again with your patience and understanding that, for me, reading and reviewing is actually something I do in my free time and something I truly enjoy, not a job (I already have one of those!)

Anyway, I'm going to get on with that list now.
Many thanks
Leanne xxx


  1. Me too Leanne, but we'll get there one day :-)

  2. I hope so, mind you it doesn't help that i've been feeling ill today...urgh. Still I'm on holiday soon, and I'll take a load of books with me to plow through :-)


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