Saturday, 23 July 2011

Angel by L.A. Weatherly

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Angel (Angel Trilogy, #1)I've had this on my kindle for such a long time and I've had so much else to read I just haven't had the chance. Then one day I thought that I'd read a few things at once, a few review requests mixed with some of my outstanding kindle purchases and I asked my readers to vote. The result was actually a draw but I then asked my sisters to tie break and Angel won! And I'm very very glad it did!

Angel is about Willow and Alex. Willow is a high school girl who has amazing psychic abilities and Alex kills angels. However, angels aren't the holy spiritual beings that people believe, but actually creatures that feed of their human victim's lifeforce. When Alex meets Willow he instantly knows she's something different and is slightly horrified when he learns the truth. But are all angel's really bad?

I loved the concept of this novel mainly because in a YA market that is literally saturated with Vampires etc this was a breath of fresh air to me and I found the twist on the usually godly angels, truly fascinating. I've never read about such an evil bunch of evil things in all my life. Usually with an enemy there's some sort of remorse or guilt or something similar but seriously, these things do not care, and that scared the crap out of me.
The plot itself is pure genius and not at all far-fetched. If a lot of people started believing in angels then it's inevitable that some sort of cult or religion would spring up and there is nothing more dangerous than a person who is told to do something evil in the name of religion because to them, their actions are perfectly justified and that is what both Alex and Willow face in this story as a good proportion of the population is told to find and stop them.

The sense of fear and claustrophobia is writhe throughout and I could feel the tension seeping from the pages whenever both characters were cornered or in trouble, and the ending had me turning the pages so fast I'm surprised I didn't break the button on my Kindle. As for one of the final twists? Oh my god, I honestly didn't see that coming (won't spoil it though). Epic, epic read!


  1. YOu didn't see the Raziel-thing coming? I sure did! :D Still loved it though :)

  2. I guessed a part of it, but I was hoping I was wring so it still came as a shock lol

  3. With Angel Burn, there was never a dull moment. There is always someone around the corner hunting them, always some kind of fight, always some intense emotion, and I loved every page. Seeing the growth between Alex and Willow is another thing I loved. He is trained to kill beings like her, and yet he can't. The struggle of what's right, and what they want is constant, and I loved watching both Willow and Alex grow emotionally.


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