Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lolly Luck by Ellie Daines

Lolly LuckRelease Date: 05/01/2012
Publisher:  Andersen Press
Pages: 192
Target Audience: Kids
Genre: Fiction

Lolly is Lolly Luck by name, lucky by nature. She always wins magazine competitions, on scratch cards and any game you can think of. But when Lolly’s dad loses his job and then the family home, Lolly’s luck starts to change. And when she overhears her parents arguing, she learns a secret that will change her life forever.

My Review:
I was asked to review this by the author and I can't thank her enough since this is an amazing book. Though it's aimed at 12-year-olds (or there about) there is a lot to learn from Lolly's experiences.
I think the hardest thing I'm going to find when writing this review is doing so without spoiling any major plot twists, but somehow I'll manage.

Lolly Luck deals with many issues including bullying, arguments, redundancy and separation but it's all seen through the eyes of 11-year-old Lolly as opposed to an adult. Personally, I think this made for an emotional read and I couldn't help but feel for Lolly as things change around her. Some of the things she hears and then has to deal with is extraordinarily painful and she does so with such a positive attitude for the most part that I was left very impressed.

Part of the ending was a bit surprising and I am very glad that Miss Daines kept things realistic when she wrote this and even more glad for the things that Lolly learns by the end of the book. 
I won't say any more and risk spoiling things for those yet to read, but this is an incredible novel and I'm sure a promising start to the authors career.

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