Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I'm going to disappear for a bit...

It struck me yesterday that I haven't posted anything in about a month. Mainly because I'm so busy and I read too fast to keep up with my reviews.
It seems way to dramatic to announce I'm going to shut down my Blog because I don't want to do that so I came to a compromise instead.

I will still be reviewing my outstanding reviews from Netgalley and a couple of other books I still have to read that I have promised myself to review then I won't be posting anything for a good while.
Not one to slam the door completely in my own face I will continue putting shorter reviews on my Goodreads page and I will eventually get back to reviewing on here once I have a bit more time.
I will also still be maintaining my pages on 'Future Releases' and 'Read 2012' but the reviews, I'm afraid, will be on hold.

I hope to be back soon and I hope everyone is having a lovely spring and hope you all have a lovely summer.
Big thankyou to everyone who follows me, has followed me and may follow me in the future.

Leanne xxx

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