Monday, 19 November 2012

The Stone Demon by Karen Mahoney

The Stone Demon (The Iron Witch, #3)Publication Date: 8/03/13
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 336
Genre: Fantasy/Fiction/Faerie
Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults

Synopsis: After being tricked into opening the doorway to the Demon Realm by Aliette, the Wood Queen, Donna Underwood is faced with a terrible ultimatum from the newly released demon hordes. They demand that the alchemists deliver the Philosopher's Stone, or their reaper storm will plunge the world into a devastating modern-day Dark Age.

Donna is sent to London, England, where she must complete her alchemist's training and learn how to recreate the Stone. But time is running out. Between facing the vengeful demon king, Demian, and collecting the Stone's elements, Donna realizes she must give her own life in order to succeed. And this time, even braving death may not be enough to save the world.

My Review: I was so thrilled when Netgalley approved me to read this especially since I've been hooked on this series since the very beginning and it's with regret that I'm now waving goodbye to Donna, Xan and Navin. This series has been a fun but bumpy journey and though there have been many occasions I've wanted to yell at certain characters, I have to admit, the story came together nicely. 

This installment in particular is steeped in myth, legend and the kind of quest story line that I like. The attempt to make the philosophers stone is nothing short of trouble strewn and filled with danger and some truly horrible moments that made my heart break. One part in particular featuring Navin and Donna had me in tears, even though really if I'd thought about it, I should have sensed it was coming.

Miss Mahoney has achieved what few manage, creating a story that comes together perfectly, characters that not only screw up but are also aware they they messed up and desperately try to fix things. From the last book everyone will know what Donna did, but I have yet to find one review slating her as stupid. Why? because she's human and humans make mistakes, that's just the way it is. 
This is especially prominent in this book since, when compared to the vain and egotistical Demian, it becomes important to really understand what it means to have a sense of messing up and then putting it right.

It was great to have an insight to other characters to such as Aliette and the Faerie Queen, and finding out about Xan's past was pretty awesome too. It was also awesome to see more of Newton the demon stone head. I love that annoying dude for some strange reason that I can't fathom, there's something about bad characters with a streak of good that just tugs on my heartstrings.

Getting to the point though, there are some things that I can't tell you in this review. Do they make the philosophers stone? Find out for yourself. Does Donna marry Xan and have twenty kids? Sorry, not telling. Does Demian get locked back where he came from? Again, I'm not telling. Needless to say I found the ending brilliant and it ties all the loose ends nicely, so I don't think you'll be disappointed. But sorry, you'll have to wait until April. Trust me though, it's worth the wait

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