Thursday, 13 May 2010

Need by Carrie Jones

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Faerie/Fantasy

***Contains Spoilers***

Although i categorise Need as a Faerie Story, i do it in a very broad way because technically it's about Pixies and Weres and it's one of the scariest books i've read and it took me a while to figure out exactly why.

Need starts with Zara being sent to stay with her Grandmother after the death of her father to help her keep her sanity. Traumatised by her fathers death, Zara is obsessed with phobias and constantly chants them when she's feeling scared and needs to calm down quickly, something that comes in useful further into the book.
When she starts at the new school she meets nick, a strange boy who is definately hiding something, and her two new friends Issie and Devyn (who also seem to really like one another).
Shortly after her arrival in Maine things really start to get weird, with a strange guy stalking her and leaving trails of gold dust, not to mention the weird feeling she gets when the stalker is near (which is described as spiders crawling over her skin)
Once it becomes obvious that it's a Pixie king stalking her the horror really notches up and it becomes clear that there are secrets that the people in her life have kept hidden from her.

As the main character, Zara is an easy person to relate to for anyone who has felt awkward, out of place and scared in some way. And i had to admire her bravery when faced with some truly horrifying events and truths. I also really liked Nick, even if he did really annoy me at one point by being a judgemental little...
Well you get the picture :-) Overall he's a good guy, very smart, daring always protecting others when in dangerous situations.
Issie and Devyn are also awesome characters. Issie is a little bit mad and i found myself loving her personality and Devyn is definately the knowledgable one of the group. They might sound like a mixed bunch of individuals, but it's part of what really makes the story, and the way they all work together is brilliant.

Moving on to what i actually thought of the story, i have to say i enjoyed it thoroughly and tension between the pixies and humans was, well, tense. One particular chapter in which Zara is trapped in a room with a Pixie outside the door was absolutely terrifying, knowing they could get her anywhere but in that one room was a bit scary and claustrophobic.
Overall, this an exciting, original and, at times, terrifying read that i could barely put down. Beautifully written and an unexpected crash course in phobias, this is definately a book to read!

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