Sunday, 6 June 2010

Queen in Exile by Donna Hatch

Target Audience: Teens/Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Queen in ExileHaving read a lot of meaningful/serious books recently, i was more that in need of a bit of pure fantasy/romance, and this did not disappoint. Yes, there was still a bit of gore and a lot of war, but overall this was an enjoyable adventure, designed to make use of every ounce of the imagination.

The characters were beautifully described in a depth that made them come to life on the pages, and their personal development and change was cleverly and subtly written as the novel progressed. I especially loved Jeniah and Kai.
The former of which goes from shy, unsure princess to strong, confident woman by the end of the novel.

Kai was also a complicated character, and watching him go from closed and shielded to open and honest was one of the highlights of the novel. I also would rate this in my top ten favourite love stories of all time, as it was so beautifully told and so earnest, without reading like an old fashioned cliche.

There are some parts the might disturb some readers, but there aren't many and none to graphic compared to some novels that i've read, and they are all necessary to the plot. Despite the fact that in some cases i tend to find a sprawling and lengthy love/fantasy story a bit repetitive, there was something about Donna's writing and the pace at which events happened that i found perfect.

I really can't fault this book, it's romantic, original, beautifully written, funny at times and has a breathtaking and pacy story. I think i'm definately going to look out for more books by this author!

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