Saturday, 28 August 2010

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

Target Audience: Young Adults/Adults
Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Romance

It's taken me a few days to write this because i wasn't sure how to start it and had 'review writers block' but i think i'm ready to tackle this now.

Lenah is a Vampire who for has been terrorising the mortal world for over 500 years, simply because she lost touch with her human soul when she became a vampire. Fueled by anger, grief and pain she spent 500 years inflicting a reign of terror on anyone she met.
Rhode, the vampire who turned her is her lover and best friend who, after realising the mistake he made in turning her finds a ritual to turn her human again. Although he manages it, it is at the cost of his life. The result is that a newly human Lenah finds herself in a modern world and all alone and having to struggle through her junior year of high school...

If there was one thing i loved about this book it was it's originality. So many vampire novels paint the vampire lifestyle as idylic and something to be longed for. In this case, it is often lonely, filled with murder, leaves the vampire feeling numb and without the sense of touch. Doesn't sound to amazing when put like that does it?

The other thing i loved was the authors ability to make you thankful for simple human things, such as the feeling of rain on your skin, or the feel of soft pillows and the warm touch of another person. It seems to me that so often in life we strive for something better, usually over looking the most amazing things that are already there. And this book highlights all of the simple things that can make us feel human.

The characters too were phenomenal. Lenah herself i can probably class as an anti-hero in the beginning. Some of the things she says shes done and attrocities she's commited really made me hate her. But as she grew more human and truly began to rediscover her soul and her human heart, repenting what she done, i truly grew to love her a lot more as a person.
Rhode, although he dies in the beginning, is a pretty much constant character throughout as Lenah flashbacks to her vampire days, and i loved his personality, which was so different to how vampiric Lenah's was.
Tony was another favourite of mine, he was deep yet happy and an original character, a true best friend to Lenah and an amazing affect on her in the personality score.
Justin was ok as the love interest although i feel there could have been more depth to him as i found i didn't know much about him or why he was suddenly capitivated by Lenah, but that is my only nag and certainly not worth deducting a star.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves a good horror/romance/paranormal read. Filled with action, love, some brilliant twists that i never saw coming, and a truly heartbreaking cliff-hanger ending this will leave you feeling rather stunned but with a sense of what it truly means to be human.

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