Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Darklight by Lesley Livingston

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adult
Genre: Faerie/Paranormal Romance

Darklight continues a few months after Wondrous strange finished. Sonny is still in the Otherworld and is still hunting the remaining members of the Wild Hunt. Kelley is currently rehearsing Romeo and Juliet and waiting for Sonny to return to her. But there are things in motion that neither Kelley or Sonny have foreseen and the lead players are not who they appear to be and even more seems to stand in between Sonny and Kelley being together.

I really, really liked this novel, although my one gripe is that it took a while to get to the point. Lots of seemingly random things happened but then took a while to come together. My problem was that i started to lose a little patience between events happening and the plot coming together and i forgot certain parts. In honesty, this is a minor thing. Because when it did come together i had one of those, Ah Ha! moments and it all made sense, even if it was a bit dragged out. Anyways, onto the many positives...

There is rather a lot of plot development and character development within this book. As a reader i got to see different sides to Sonny and Kelley and this helped to reinforce the fact that neither is perfect, which is something i loved about these two characters. That despite there obvious non-normalness, they are still normal in their ability to screw up so to speak. We also get to see the developments and twists in their romance as well which leads to a heartbreaking decision on Kelley's part that left me on the verge of tears.

The plot develops nicely and things that seemed of only slight consequence in the last book become of vital importance. It was also nice to see Mahb play such a different role on this book as well. I find her character fascinating, though i'm not sure why. It was also weird watching Oberon behaving somewhat different to what i'm used to and he makes a confession about his part in the events of Samhain that somewhat surprised me.

I don't want to say too much so i'll finish by saying that this book is a rather charming faerie story but with a more adventurous and dark edge to it. I also adivise that you pay attention to the events so that it all comes together easier nearer the conclusion. And finally...this is a twisty, romantic, well-written magical faerie tale with a cliff-hanger that will leave you demanding the next in the series be released early. Can't wait for the release of tempestuous!

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