Friday, 18 February 2011

50 Followers...Wooooo!!!

Just thought I'd announce I have 50 followers!!! Woohoo! Thank you to everyone that has followed me and look out for new features and hopefully some interviews in the near future. I'm still learning the art of blogging so thank you to my readers for your patience.

Many thanks again
Leanne xxx


  1. Congratulations on hitting 50 followers. It's a great landmark. Feels good to know people read what you write doesn't it?

  2. hi Leanne! congrats! it feels so good right? just like how i felt when i reached my first 50 followers. all the best with the blog and happy reading! have a great weekend as well. c",)

  3. Thankyou to you both, and I hope you like the cute panda :-D
    Yes, it feels amazing to hit that many followers, its taken a long time to get there, but i find Book Blogs as helped a lot and blog farm.

    Thanks for continuing to follow guys :-) Have a fantastic weekend both of you xxx

  4. Can't wait til I reach 50 followers! I just started my own book blog, and it would be great if you would follow me. I am now following you :)

  5. Congratulations! Reads, Reviews, Recommends has chosen your blog to pass the Seven Facts Award to:

  6. Hi Paranormal, I'm now following you :-) You have an amazing blog by the way. Ooooooo and Kate I'll check out your link a little later, thanks for choosing me :-D

    Both of you have a great weekend. xxx


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