Friday, 3 September 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Dystopia/Fiction

Wow, this is going to be so difficult. There is so much i can say about this book, least of all that it swept me up into an emotional whirlwind and wouldn't let me go. As usual though i'll start with a brief summary.

Mockingjay continues a little while after the end of Catching Fire. Katniss is still recovering both physically and emotionally from the fallout of the most recent games, her rescue from the arena and losing Peeta to the enemies forces. The rebels are now in open war with the districts and the only one left to convert is district two and then the plan to finally invade and destroy the capitol begins...

I have to admit this book is totally amazing but not in a happy way. Infact, if you can read this without feeling emotionally drained and like your heart has been wrenched out and twisted then your much stronger than i am. I was exhausted after reading this, there were so many twists and unexpected turns of events i was left stunned (and that's putting it mildly)

I haven't read about so many deaths in a single book before and i have to admit, Collins took some serious risks with this book, she is certainly not afraid to sacrifice main characters in this book, yet i have to admit that all of it was necessary, however, very heartbreaking.
Just when i thought Katniss had endured enough hardship she gets put through hell another time and by the end i just wanted something good to happen to her. She loses so much and is left a completely different person by the end, changed by the atrocities she's witnessed.

The character development is profound in this and it was interesting to see some of the less seen characters in the other books develop and become somewhat stronger. Prim was a standout for me, i loved her growing maturity and selflessness and how she became someone for Katniss to lean on and talk to, rather than simply protect, although this all became bitterly twisted and ironic by the end of the book and i got the impression there relationship had come full circle.

The relationship Katniss has with Gale and Peeta takes it's twists and turns as well and i wasn't really surprised with who Katniss choses in the end, i really wasn't. She chose the person who would complete her and save her from herself ultimately, and it truly was a beautifully bittersweet conclusion.

Finally, i'll finish by saying that the final few chapters and epilogue had me in floods. Reading about Katniss coming to terms with everything, moving on and the events after the war is over were some of the most emotional events i have ever read about (The epilogue especially so two pages of tears for me).
This is one of the most moving, meaningful and utterly compelling reads of this century. If you haven't read this trilogy yet then give it a try. Admittedly it won't be for everyone but whether you enjoy it or not, it really is unforgettable and will change how you view the world and how we treat one another.

Phenomenal in every sense of the word.

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