Friday, 1 April 2011

Plague by Michael Grant

PlagueTarget Audience: Older Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Dystopia

Wow, what can I say about this book? It's brilliant, completely ingenious in-fact...BUT please do not read while your eating...You WILL be sick :-)
Anyway, I love this series and it seems to get better with each installment, and the pace is so quick that I managed to read a 300 page chunk in one evening alone, something I'm very proud of myself.

To catch everyone up for those who haven't read the synopsis; Plague picks up after the events of Lies. Drake is imprisoned in a basement trying to escape, while the girl he's blended with screams for death. Little Pete is in a coma, and Astrid and Sam (as well as half the rest of the kids) are not getting along so well, as even more fights and fractions occur.
Meanwhile, a very deadly strain of flu is going around and to make things worse, a new threat emerges, and this one is intent on eating people from the inside out.

Now if your not quite grossed out enough by the final sentence of my synopsis then you should be because it is as gross as it sounds, so seriously, read this, it's epic.  Am I a little twisted? Maybe! But you can't deny the fact that Mr Grant is a master writer and the plot had me sucked in from the word go. There's no preamble, no babble, he jumps straight in there and that's how the pace continues and it will probably leave you breathless.

I didn't think it was possible for there to be any more twists than there had been, but urgh, the bugs, urgh, don't get me started on the bugs! As for Little Pete, his purpose also took a terrifying turn and I found the short chapters from his perspective really enlightening. As for the general plot surrounding the FAYZ, there is quite a bit revealed and a little idea as to the true purpose of the Barrier and the area enclosed, I found it truly fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

It is, in my opinion, the characters that really make this book what it is, as it often is in a lot of cases. There are so many in this book that in all reality it should be very difficult to keep up with everything, but it really isn't, and despite the number of people there is, I still felt myself getting attached to them.  In some cases this proved to be a very sad experience as in true Gone series style, a few of them meet very untimely ends.  But in other cases, this made a great impact on how I experienced some of the events that happened.
I grew really attached to Diana in this book and I really felt for her by the time I turned the last page, I also felt a lot more for Astrid than I'm used too and I had massive respect for her and the choice she makes towards the end.

I can't really say anymore without giving away the plot, but seriously, Gone fans, read this! If your new to this series start with the first in the series. one word: EPIC!
Anyway, enough said, I shall now be silent :-)


  1. Thanks, much appreciated.
    -- Michael Grant

  2. Glad you liked it. I can't wait to read fear! :-)

  3. woah woah woah!! hold up... there's a 5th book tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Yup, it looks amazing! I can't wait.
    There's also a 6th book called Light :-)


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