Friday, 10 December 2010

Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis

Never Cry WerewolfTarget Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Romance

This isn't the worst novel i have read, in fact it's not the worst werewolf novel i have read either, but something fell flat for me and i'm going to find it difficult to explain without sounding a bit stupid.  In essence, Never Cry Werewolf has all the elements of a good story; it's funny, a little scary and romantic but it just didn't capture my attention as other books have done.

To sum the story up into a short paragraph, Never Cry Werewolf is about Shelby, a teen who often ends up in trouble by falling for and/or helping the guys she likes (i have to admit this part of the story is funny, that girl is so gullible at times, it's unreal).
One day she goes a step to far and her Step-Mother Priscilla (yes i know, horrible name) send her to brat camp, her father doesn't argue the point and so Shelby finds herself at camp crescent with a bunch of other rich and famous teens, all of which have problems of their own.  But none have as many problems as Austin, the gorgeous son of a rock star, who is hiding a secret that even Shelby didn't see coming.

The plot itself was a good idea, but in my opinion, there could have been so much more done and i felt that some of the main issues Shelby faced remained unresolved, and it would have been nice to have some closure regarding the issues she has at home, especially as I think her step-mother is a pain who has it coming to her.
The werewolf story and Shelby's time at camp was pretty good, although the whole misunderstood teen story line grew a bit tired by the end (I mean really, would it have killed her to talk about what was bothering her?).
Hearing a different spin on the werewolf story was pretty cool, although, once again it would have been nice for a bit more detail about it, as well as what it involves.  Having said that, the idea of the Werewolf curse being controlled by drugs was quite cool, as opposed to some out of control loony howling at the moon.

With regards to the ending i felt that although most of the story was resolved and that Shelby had a pretty good ending, there could have been a bit more resolved regarding her issues at home. Maybe because i'm really really fussy, but i'd also have liked to see Priscilla get her just deserts because lets face it that woman is a big moo cow :-)

But overall this is an entertaining, funny and romantic read that will appeal mainly to teenagers and those who just want something lighthearted to cheer them up.

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