Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Princess's Dragon by Susan Trombley

Target Audience: Young Adults/Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal Romance

The Princess's DragonThe Princess's Dragon is one of those books that appears to struggle to make it into the mainstream and often goes unnoticed by most people. The problem being that a few books make it really big and other really good ones slip under the radar, and this is one such book.
A true treasure in the fantasy/romance genre, this book deserves a lot more acclaim than some of the books that have made it into the book store (not that i will be naming any!)

Simply put, this book is about a young princess called Sondra, who among many eccentricities doesn't believe in magic, only things like logic and other things that can be proven or supported.  Just as things are falling into place for Sondra and she's happy with her scientific experiments and her near engagement to Derek, things then take a very magical turn.
Sondra finds herself transformed into a Dragon by a wizard who is determined to make her see that magic does in fact exist. She is then attacked by the man she loves and ends up fleeing and crossing paths with an ancient dragon named Tolmac.  Only meaning to bide her time with Tolmac until she can be returned to her human form, Sondra decides to stay with him, but she doesn't factor for her own feelings or on the power of love.

Yes, i know it sounds a bit corny, but trust me it's anything but.  This book is a lot more about romance and a beautifully different relationship, but is also about family, loyalty, and difficult choices.  There is also a lot of action, magic and fighting thrown in as well as some political intrigue.
I found that whilst reading this, because of the sheer number of events that occur, i was always taken by surprise, and just when i thought I had the plot figured out i was shown up again by yet another twist.  I know in some books this can be a problem and plot twists come out of nowhere, but in this book once they happen i found myself thinking; why didn't i see that coming????

Considering the character relationships, i have to admit Tolmac and Sondra shone for me. I loved the way Tolmac slowly changed around Sondra and the way Sondra slowly changed to be more accepting, and their romance truly sparkled,
I also liked Sarai and Elona, but i couldn't like Derek very much, He seemed very fickle and just a little bit into holding grudges too much, and his attitude annoyed me on several occasions.

All in all, this is a brilliant example of how fantasy romance should be written and i can't wait to read more of Susan Trombley's books, this woman is a true genius!

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