Thursday, 24 February 2011

Angel by James Patterson

Maximum Ride: AngelTarget Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi

Ok, so you can call me sad if you wish but I got this book in the post and I started reading it when I got in from work at approximately 6.00pm. I finished it at 8.51pm (give or take a few minutes from start and finish time). Either way, I plowed through this book in less than three hours.
Why is this such a big deal? Because as much as I've loved all the books I've read recently, I simply could not put this down until I finished it, It grabbed me and wouldn't let go.
I've been a fan of the Maximum Ride series for a long time now and I have to say this is an amazing addition to the series. Anyway, I'll go into a bit of content review now, but I am NOT posting spoilers!

The events in Angel take place a short time after Fang's sudden departure in the previous novel. Max is still heartbroken, Dylan is still well and truly in love with Max and Angel is (surprisingly) being a very well behaved child as the flock pick up the pieces and recover at Max's Mother's home.
They don't get long though as, before you know it, some other big threat is on the rise and Max's flock and Fang and his new gang are pushed together to try and save the lives of more innocent people.

I'm pretty sure everyone who's hooked on this series is aware how the last installment ended and I'm pretty sure a good 80% of you may be wary of reading this because of the ending. You really shouldn't be. It isn't what i expected, or the route I expected the story to take, but it's so amazing and honestly, it's better than I wanted it to be.
The story itself is exciting, adventurous and full of so many twists and turns and 'wow' moments you won't be able to put it down.
For those wondering, there are some pretty nice romantic moments and the one teaser I will leave on here is that for those who love the romantic story line, this may be hit or miss for you, depending on how you view the events that happen. But that's all I'm saying in that respect, I will not spoil this for those who haven't read it, because it truly is amazing to let it all unfold yourself.

The characters themselves are our usual suspects, but with some truly amazing new characters including, some not so knew ones that I haven't seen in ages, which took me by surprise, yet they all blended perfectly and to be honest, each and every character, proved to be important to the plot.  That's one of the many things I love about these books; Patterson has this amazing ability to give his characters life and meaning with ease, so much so you feel like you'd already know them if you met them in real life.

As well as the romance, adventure and fantastic characterisation there is also some witty humour going on throughout, and yet some equally heartbreaking parts that will have you reaching for the tissues, and some parts that are in-between (sounds impossible but it is very true!)
The simple truth of the matter is this book is fantastic. It's moves along at a fantastic pace and will take you from the USA all the way to Paris while sitting in the comfort of your own home!  From plots to destroy the world, to teenage romance, to some truly tear-jerking moments, this is one read you should not miss.


  1. Never actually heard of this series before to be honest.

    I think though based on this review and what I have read since reading this review it does look like a series that I might actually enjoy.

  2. They are amazing. I had a friend who set me onto them and I was hooked. I breezed through the first 5 in the space of a month and then read Fang. Had to wait a long time for this one, hence the lightening fast read time! :-D

  3. god you have no idea how great these books really are i havent read all of angel yet because i cant get my hands on it and its killing me

  4. I love these books and it's killing me waiting for the final book in the series. Hope you get hold of a copy soon. Have you tried the book depository?

    Leanne @ Magic Of Reading


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