Saturday, 25 June 2011

Half-Inch by McCarty Griffin

Half-InchTarget Audience: Adults
Genre: Fiction/Dark Chick lit

I hadn't really heard of this sort of genre before but when I got an email from the author asking me to review her book I thought it'd be an interesting read so I agreed to do it. I'm very glad I did since it seems to twist murder and humour with effortless ease. Just think of a pretty good chick lit novel with a rather morbid twist and a hell of a lesson to be learned.

Pammy had been married to her abusive husband for years before finally their about to be divorced. Pammy however feels she will never be free of him and so decides to kill him. Years of being stuck inside and watching murder programmes has enabled her to envision the perfect murder plan, and so she puts it into action. And wow is it an incredible plan!

I really loved this! It's short and yet to the point and there is no rambling and although I don't condone murder in any sense, I have to say I had massive sympathy with Pammy and the situation she was in. The recalls of abuse weren't too graphic although I will say that anyone who has ever been in her situation may find this book a little too close to home.
Her murder plan was truly ingenious and the end part of it had me laughing at the idea of it; the scale of it is incredible and that's all I'm saying since I don't want to spoil it for anyone!

There was a one bit i did find a bit weird and that was with who else the plan for murder included. I didn't understand why and that did bug me a little, but none the less this doesn't take much from the otherall quality of the story.
Pammy is an inspirtional if not slightly nutty character and although I don't agree murder is the way out of an abusive relationship there are some very clever hints throughout about getting out of these relationships quickly and not letting it get as bad as it got for the main character in this book. There is always an escape. As if to reinforce that everything has a consequence, Pammy gets to find out something at the end that maybe makes her slightly regret her plans and I found the ending added a bit of balance, although I was cringing on behalf of Pammy.

All in all, if you love a bit of chick lit with a rather morbid twist then give this a go. Pammy is a likeable and very tough character and despite her plans you will warm to her (in an odd kinda way!)
Anyway, don't be too judgemental :-)

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