Friday, 15 July 2011

Fins are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Fiction

Fins Are Forever (Fins, #2)Yeh! After a very very long wait I finally got my hands on a copy of this and I couldn't have asked for a better sequel. The thing is with sequels, with any really, is that there is always the doubt it won't live up to the original novel or that events will take a turn that I don't like. There were no such issues in this case and I loved every second of this romance and fun packed tsunami of a novel.

Princess Waterlily is nearing her 18th Birthday on which she will officially sign away her right to become Queen of the mer-people. Just as she's getting used to this and the fact she can spend her life with Quince, events take a very odd turn. Doe turns up on her doorstep having been banished from the sea and then an old friend named Tellin turns up and informs her of some problems in the sea. Mix all that with her exams and her attempts to get into college and things aren't as smooth sailing as she thought they would be. Can she have the man she loves, the life she wants and help the underwater kingdoms?

I really did love this book. It's not wordy, it's not difficult to get through and it was a nice, easy and fun read involving mer-people, romance and some truly heartwarming moments that will make you smile.  With so many heavy novels out there these days it was nice to have something light and fun to read. That's not to say that this doesn't tackle some issues, because it does but not in the same way some novels do.
Lily faces some pretty tough choices, all of which she meets head on and deals with, she doesn't shy away or shift the responsibility to anyone else and I truly admired her actions throughout the book.

The characters are just as fantastic as they were in the last book and there was some pretty good development for some of them. The two that really spring to mind are Doe and Brody. Doe especially was a less present character in the last book, but in this one she takes pretty much centre stage in a lot of things and it was interesting to see how she changed over the course of the novel.
Lily also undergoes some changes as she tries to solve some of the problems she faces head on whilst still enjoying the newness of her relationship with Quince and managing her new role on land, and dealing with the arrival of Doe. Needless to say, Lily grows up somewhat in this book and so does Quince along with her.

I will say that this book is most definitely for fans of fantasy and romance and without posting spoilers, those who love the fairytale happy ending but with a twist. I won't tell you what happens however as I'm going to leave that to you to find out. Needless to say though this book will have you both laughing and crying at times and reading as fast as a swimmer with a Great White chasing them.
This is an addictive, fun and romance filled novel that will touch the hearts of anyone who once dreamed of being a princess or of escaping to another world (or in my case, if you still dream of it lol)

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