Friday, 16 September 2011

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

Target Audience: Teens/Young Adults
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Fiction

The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies #2)Having read I Am Number Four quite a while ago and having mixed feelings about it I was a bit  apprehensive when I picked up the next in the series.  What actually happened is that this turned out to be a lot better than the first in the series.  There was a lot less wordiness in this book, and the action starts from page one, probably because, as a second book, there's no need for the introductions and preamble needed in the first book.  Before I go into detail, here's a brief synopsis for you, as told from the the POV of Number Seven:

"I've seen him on the news. Followed the stories about what happened in Ohio. John Smith, out there, on the run. To the world, he's a mystery. But to me . . . he's one of us.

Nine of us came here, but sometimes I wonder if time has changed us—if we all still believe in our mission. How can I know? There are six of us left. We're hiding, blending in, avoiding contact with one another . . . but our Legacies are developing, and soon we'll be equipped to fight. Is John Number Four, and is his appearance the sign I've been waiting for? And what about Number Five and Six? Could one of them be the raven-haired girl with the stormy eyes from my dreams? The girl with powers that are beyond anything I could ever imagine? The girl who may be strong enough to bring the six of us together?

They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They tried to catch Number Four in Ohio—and failed.

I am Number Seven. One of six still alive.

And I'm ready to fight"

I'm glad this was told from a couple of different points of few as it meant as a reader, I didn't have to wonder what was happening to John and Co whereas I was also able to learn what was happening with Number Seven and Co.  This particular style of writing, in my experience, can either work really well or it can fail. The danger being that the plot becomes confusing. This wasn't the case however, and each character and setting was so distinct that it wouldn't have been possible to confuse them, even if you tried too.

I have to admit, the events with Number Six, John and Sam were probably a lot more exciting and heart-pounding than Number seven's story, but I love a change of scene and hearing the story develop from Number Seven's point of view was fascinating. Plus, one of the biggest twists in the story happens around Seven and I could never have seen it coming even if I had tried to think of the most weird and impossible twist ever.  
Back with John, Sam and Six, there was also some back-story for Number Six which was awesome because she was always a bit of an enigma in I Am Number Four, so it was fascinating to hear about how she came to be where she was and what she went through to get there.

I can't really say much about the events throughout the novel without spoiling things, but I will say that there's a lot of new people, the story comes together more and there's enough fighting in this to make action fans bounce in their chairs while reading.  For the romance lovers out there, there's a quite a bit of love going on, and not where you might think either, as well as some heartbreaking potential betrayal that will leave you stunned and a little sad. 
I will let slip that there's a lot more insight into the Mogadorians lair and I can definitely say that if it were real, I would not be going there, not even if you paid me.

The ending is, as always, a wonderful cliffhanger that will leave you dying to read book number three. Much to my annoyance, I have no idea when this is released. So I shall have to wait along with the rest of the world. I'm pretty certain it'll be worth the wait.

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