Wednesday, 14 September 2011

And the annoyance continues...

So I've now gone and broke my kindle so I can't even read any of my review books *sigh*. Since I'm not in the mood to start anything new either I'm currently re-reading the skulduggery pleasant series which I'm going to list under a new 're-reads' section. I love that series and I plan to review the books I never reviewed because I didn't have a blog at the time!

There's just something so appealing about a living dead skeleton and a kick-ass teenage side-kick!
Anyway, Lucky for me I had Amazon's replacement policy on my kindle so I should have a new one by Friday! In the mean time I'm continuing with Dark Days and might start something else.
Apologies again to those waiting for me to do reviews, I will get to it.

This also brings up another thing I'm interested in doing. I'm struggling with getting through all my reviews and I'm interested in recruiting a blogging partner. Anyone who feels they would like to read and review on my blog among other things please drop me an email:
I would give you full access to the blog and you must love reading. I don't mind where your from as long as your able to keep in touch with me regularly so that we can co-ordinate how the blog is set out properly. Bear in mind this is a hobby and not a job and since, like me, you will likely have other commitments please treat this as a fun thing to do in your spare time.

Anyway, let me know


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