Saturday, 1 October 2011

Gold, Babies and the Brothers Muldoon by Derek Landy

Target Audience: Anyone ages 8 to 800 that have a sense of humour
Genre: Humour/Fiction

Gold, Babies and the Brothers MuldoonThis is another Skulduggery short from Derek Landy and it is very very funny! To sum up, in reading this I found out that Skulduggery has an admirer, goblins hold very long grudges and love their gold.
My favourite part? The bit where Skulduggery is being chased by Peg! Fantastic. True love truly can be annoying!

If you read this and like it, check out the rest of Landy's books, they're just as funny and will have you hooked after the very first in the series. Oh, and in the mean time, don't fall in love with any goblins!

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